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Super Women

Super Women

Six Scientists Who Changed the World

by Laurie Lawlor

Illustrated with Black and White Photographs and Pictures

"Profiles of six amazing women who defied prejudice to succeed in the sciences, using genius, ambition, and perseverance! Laurie Lawlor deftly paints portraits of each of these pioneers who refused to take no for an answer, pursuing their passions through fieldwork, observations, laboratories, and research vessels in the face of sexism. Lawlor tells the stories of Eugenie Clark, an ichthyologist who swam with sharks; Marie Tharp, a cartographer who mapped the ocean floor; Katherine Coleman Johnson, a mathematician who calculated trajectories for NASA flights; Florence Hawley Ellis, an anthropologist of Pueblo cultures who pioneered tree-ring dating; Gertrude Elion, a pharmacologist who developed treatments for leukemia and AIDS; and Margaret Burbidge, an astrophysicist who formulated a theory of quasars." ~ from the publisher (Holiday House) 978-0-8234-3675-0.

Laurie Lawlor's books have appeared on many notable lists, including the ALA Notable Children's Books, the ALA Best Books for Young Adults, and the NCSS-CBC Notable Social Studies Trade Books for Young People.

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Evanston, IL: 2002
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