Laurie Lawlor: American Sisters

    Adventure on the Wilderness Road, 1775

    "Everyone warns of Indian ambushes as Elizabeth Poage, her mother, father, and four brothers and sisters begin the dangerous trip westward by foot and packhorse to Daniel Boone's new settlement in Kentucky. But the only thing bothering eleven-year-old Elizabeth is her bratty younger sister, Martha. -- Pa's favorite.

    "Things start looking up when another family with girls Elizabeth's age joins the caravan. Elizabeth, the only one who can read and write, entrances the newcomers by reading aloud from her precious copy of Gullivar's Travels. All the children -- even Martha -- crowd around to listen to the fantastic tale.

    "Inspired, Elizabeth records the remarkable events of her own journey: the harsh climb over mountains, across rivers and through hostile Indian territory, the near-death of her baby sister, and the family's terrifying encounter with the Indians,. Elizabeth believes she's ready for anything -- until Martha disappears. Then, without thinking, she races into the savage wilderness to find the sister she tried not to love...." -- Quoted from the book jacket for the Minstrel® edition.

    Reviews and Comments

    "The novel has a fresh story line that involves the earliest pioneers who opened the West on Daniel Boone's Wilderness Road. Readers will devour the Poage girls' adventures. This book presents a historically accurate setting and helps youngsters of today better relate to those of yesterday...." -- School Library Journal

    Adventure on the Wilderness, Road, 1775. (1999) Pocket Books. ISBN: 0671015532; Aladdin Paperbacks. ISBN: 0671015532. American Sisters Series. 185 pg. Historical Fiction.

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