Laurie Lawlor:  Addie Series
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    Addie's Forever Friend

    "Addie Mills is not a brave person. She is afraid to learn to swim. She's nervous around firecrackers. And she's very worried that her family will move from Iowa to Dakota, where it's wild and dangerous.

    Addie is not like her brave friend, Eleanor. Eleanor can swim like a fish, and she is always ready to do something exciting. Now Eleanor has daring plans for the Fourth of July. Will Addie go along?

    Can Addie and Eleanor be friends forever?" [Annotation quoted from cover Albert Whitman & Company edition]

    Prequel to Addie Across the Prairie.

    Reviews and Comments

    "...Amiable atmospheric portrait of life in 1880s Iowa ... the stories are gentle and heartwarming, and full of authentic detail -- warmly evoked in the black-and-white illustrations -- and smatterings of drama; Lawlor has a knack for making historical fiction comfortable and relevant to readers." -- Kirkus Reviews

    Nominated Iowa Children's Choice Award (Iowa), 1999-2000

    Finalist, Society of Midland Authors Children's Fiction Award, 1998.

    A Note About the Story

    Addie's Forever Friend (and the other books in the Addie Series) are based on the experiences of my great-grandparents and their children in the 1880s in Iowa and the Dakota Territory. To write these books, I did extensive detective work -- tracking down old letters, diaries, and reminiscences as well as newspapers and photographs.
    On one expedition to Sabula, Iowa, I brought along an ancient family photo, hoping to use it to find my great-aunt's ornate Victorian house. Years ago, this had been the location of numerous family reunions.
    My search seemed fruitless, and just wehn I was about to give up, a group of local children came to my rescue. They looked at the photo, and one child said, "See that fancy cement cistern cover? We walk past it every day on the way to school." Then they showed me the spot.
    Sure enough, the cistern cover was located on what would have been my great-aunt's property. Although the house was gone, I felt grateful to have found at least one old family relic-- the cistern cover, which over the years had been used for countless games of tag and leapfrog.
--Laurie Lawlor
Quoted from Author's note in Addie's Forever Friend

    Addie's Forever Friend. Illustrated by Helen Cogancherry. (1997) Albert Whitman & Company. ISBN: 0807501646. 124 pg. Historical Fiction.

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