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Books: Historical Fiction

    To create a believable story that takes place decades or centuries ago, like the Addie Series, American Sisters, and the historical fiction titles featured on this page demands a lot of research.

    "I have to immerse myself in research. I have to investigate what people feared, what they thought and what they worried about. I have to know what they wore, what they are, and how they built their houses. What did they do for fun? What rituals did they use to handle tragedy? And more importantly, how did they explain their world to themselves?

    "What I particularly enjoy about historical fiction is the way it can explode time barriers. When a period of history is described as realistically and truthfully as a writer knows how, historical fiction allows readers a unique opportunity. They become time travelers, comparing and contrasting their own modern lives with that of a book's characters." -- Laurie Lawlor

  • The Two Loves of Will Shakespeare
After falling in love eighteen-year-old Will Shakespeare, a bored apprentice in his fathers glove business and often in trouble for various misdeeds, vows to live an upstanding life and pursue his passion for writing. ...  Curriculum Connections
With the Civil War ended and Reconstruction begun, fifteen-year-old Billy resolves to make the dangerous and challenging journey west in search of real fortune and his father. ...  Curriculum Connections
At sea with Captain Drake, Emmet learns more than his Latin or Greek texts, or his former mentor and guardian, Father Parfoothe, could ever teach.  As Drake changes course and heads his unsuspecting crew directly for the dreaded Strait of Magellan, his sailors become restless and angry. ...  Curriculum Connections
Set in the Indiana frontier in 1820, Beansie protests having to attend the crowded one-room schoolhouse and makes his case that he'd rather spend his time in the wild outdoors, but after just one day, Beansie becomes enlightened and looks forward to the many things he will come to learn in the years ahead.  Curriculum Connections
  • Come Away With Me
    • Set in Wisconsin in 1910. When gypsies come to town Madeline "Moe" thinks they may be her ticket to the world. (Heartland Trilogy)

  • Take to the Sky
    • Moe dreams of flying and hopes for a plane of her own. All she needs is money to build it. Her attempts to raise money end up in disasters -- until she discovers a tarantula in the bananas (and figures out a perfect way to fly) while helping her father inventory his store. (Heartland Trilogy)

  • Luck Follows Me
    • In 1910 Moe visits her Grandfather to view the return of Halley's comet.. (Heartland Trilogy)

  • Gold in the Hills
    • Had Pa abandoned them? Was he going to come back from the Gold Rush? If he did not who would help the two of them to escape Tirzah's plan? Pheme could only hope that Old Judge wasn't as crazy as people thought. Maybe he could help. Curriculum Connections

  • Old Crump: The True Story of a Trip West
    • In 1850, a faithful ox helps a group of travelers survive their trip through Death Valley. (Picture Book) Curriculum Connections

  • Wind on the River: A Story of the Civil War
    • In 1863, fifteen-year-old Private Allen of South Carolina, captured at the Battle of Gettysburg, decides to switch his allegiance to the Union. Curriculum Connections