Laurie Lawlor: American Sisters

    Horseback on the Boston Post Road, 1704

    "As the winter of 1704 approaches, New Englanders are reeling from the news of war with the French and Indians. A mysterious letter has arrived for Madame Sarah Kemble Knight, instructing her to bring the identical twin servants, 12-year-old Hester and Philena, on a long dangerous journey by horse from Boston toward New Haven, Connecticut. But Madame Knight decides to take only one of the twins, who have been bound in servitude to her since infancy. Devastated, Hester starts off with her mistress, leaving her sister behind.

    "But Philena soon risks her life to follow Hester and the Widow. When they finally meet up, the rough trip turns perilous,. Abandoned by their guides, the travelers face drowning, starvation, and exhaustion as they make their way through hostile Indian country, menacing woods, hazardous swamps, and wild rivers. But neither of the girls can imagine the real reason for the journey that will end in the fascinating city of New York and change their lives forever...." -- Quoted from the book jacket of the Minstrel® edition.

    Horseback on the Boston Post Road, 1704 (2000) Minstrel® Pocket Books. ISBN: 0671039237; (2002) Aladdin Paperbacks. ISBN: 0743436261. American Sisters Series. 180 pg. Historical Fiction.

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