Laurie Lawlor: Addie Series
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    Addie's Long Summer

    "It's the beginning of what promises to be a hot, dry summer on the prairie, and twelve-year-old Addie Mills is feeling the weight of a big secret. While her family thinks she's signed up to take the high school scholarship test. Addie hasn't even mailed her application. How can she admit she's afraid she'll fail and most of all, that she's afraid to leave home? Even Tilla, her best friend doesn't understand.

    "The arrival of Elizabeth and Maudie, Addie's cousins from Iowa, provides a welcome distraction. Addie hopes to become especially good friends with Elizabeth, who is her own age, but Elizabeth is mischievous and spoiled.

    "Maudie is withdrawn, and from the beginning of the cousins' visit, nothing goes as planned. It takes the revelation of another secret and an amazing event to bring the cousins together and help Addie face the future." Third book in the Addie Series. [Annotation quoted from flyer announcing Albert Whitman & Company edition]

Reviews and Comments "The author's meticulous descriptions of ordinary aspects of farm life, such as milking the cows, cleaning the privy, and harvesting the hay, provide a lasting and realistic image of the harsh struggles of life on the Great Plains in the late nineteenth century. Lawlor cuts her characters from sturdy cloth, sews them into dramatic backdrops, then lets her readers frame the tableau, feeling enlightened and satisfied." -- Booklist

Nominated for Iowa Children's Choice Award (Iowa), 1994-95

    Addie's Long Summer. Illustrated by Toby Gowing. (1992) Albert Whitman & Company. ISBN: 0807501670; paperback (1995) Minstrel® Pocket Books ISBN: 0671526073. 173 pg. Historical Fiction.

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