Laurie Lawlor:  American Sisters

    Pacific Odyssey to California, 1905

    "The sparkling beaches and palm trees seem like a dream to eleven-year-old Su-Na, a Korean immigrant whose family has journeyed to the island of Hawaii hoping to find a fortune. While her father works long hours on a sugar cane plantation, Su-Na and her two younger sisters, Jae-Mi and Hi-Jong, got their first glimpse of an unfamiliar culture, taste new foods .... and see firsthand the racism that prevails among the different Asian populations.

    "Discouraged by their experiences in Hawaii, the family moves to California. All of them struggle with language barriers, poverty, and prejudice in their adopted homeland -- and the sisters soon find that their new American Lifestyle often conflicts with their traditional Korean heritage. Growing up in both worlds, the girls begin to understand that America will not truly be a free country until all its people are considered equal." -- Quoted from the cover of the Minstrel edition of the book.

    Pacific Odyssey to California, 1905. (2001) Minstrel® Pocket Books. ISBN: 0671039253; (2002) paperback ISBN: 0743436318. American Sisters Series. 208 pg. Historical Fiction.

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