historical fictionThe School at Crooked Creek
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. The School at Crooked Creek

    The School at Crooked Creek

Set in the Indiana frontier in 1820, Beansie protests having to attend the crowded one-room schoolhouse and makes his case that he'd rather spend his time in the wild outdoors, but after just one day, Beansie becomes enlightened and looks forward to the many things he will come to learn in the years ahead.
    From the Publisher:  Beansie loves his free and simple life with Ma, Pap, and his sister, Louisa, on their Indiana homestead.  But now his parents want him ot go to he new log cabin school, where he'll be cooped up inside all day.  how will he and Louisa find their way to school and back?  How will he and Louisa find their way to school and back?  How will Beansie cope with rough boys such as Oliver Sweeny, who can outrun, outlick, and outholler anybody?

Reviews and Comments:
Star -- signature story"This short, solid chapter book is set in 1820s rural Indiana.  Narrated by six-year-old Beansie, it tells of his first reluctant experience with school...The book is rich with colloquial language, superstitions, and information about this pioneer family. Nicely done shaded, pencil drawings help set the tone.  This novel will work well for curriculum ties, and may spark interest in the period when read aloud." -- School Library Journal

"Lawlor's keen eye for the specifics of childhood dread bring the book vividly to life."  --The Bulletin of the  Center for Children's Books

"Lively writing, abundant details about homestead life, and old-fashioned words and expressions sprinkled throughout the text make this a fine introduction to the period as well as a solid story of a brother and sister learning to help each other feel important." -- Kirkus Reviews

"Set in central Indiana in the 1820s....  It's a folksy, funny portrayal of the time and place." -- Booklist
"[Laurie Lawlor] has obviously researched the way settlers lived, what they ate, and how schools looked. ... The truth of hardscrabble existence for early pioneers rings true as the six year old has to help with chores, hold up his end in not complaining, and learn quickly what behaviors work to make friends."  -- Children's Literature

Cited in The Best Children's Books of the Year (2005 edition) - Selected by the Children's Book Committee at Bank Street College of Education.

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    The School at Crooked Creek. Illustrated by Ronald Himler. (2013, reissue) Dog Ear Publishing. ISBN: 978-1-4575-2118-8. 80 pg. Chapter Book/Historical Fiction.  $9.99 (Available autographed and at a discount from the Laurie Lawlor Bookstore)

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