Voyage to a Free Land, 1630

    Hannah, a ten-year-old dreamed of America. She and her sister, twelve-year-old Abigail both view going to America as an adventure as they set sail from Chelmsford for London. The real excitement comes when the girls and their father, and stepmother board the ship Arbella for Massachusetts Bay.

    The family are put in the hold of the ship for the journey. It is dark and smelly, unlike anything either of the girls have known. During the trip the girls become acquainted with Zach an indentured servant. Abigail disapproves but Hannah is intrigued by his tales of raging storms and enormous spouting creatures from deep in the ocean. And when Hannah sees the wonders for herself and finds out what it is like to be marooned at sea, to fight side-by-side with her sister to survive a storm that threatens to drown them all.

    Reviews and Comments "...tells of a Puritan family's journey to the Massachusetts Bay Colony. ... realistic characters and well-paced plots." -- Horn Book

    Voyage to a Free Land, 1630. (1998) Ministrel® Pocket Books. ISBN: 0671015524; (2001) paperback ISBN: 0671775626. American Sisters Series. 178 pg. Historical Fiction.

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