Laurie Lawlor: American Sisters

    West Along the Wagon Road, 1852

    "Everyone on the wagon train knew Harriet "Duck" Scott was looking for adventure, as the Scott family left Illinois for the faraway Oregon Territory.

    "Then Mother died and Father became like a stranger, lost in a world of his own. It was up to Duck and her five sisters, three brothers, and nine hired hands to keep their wagon train together. But Duck's life didn't settle down. her older sisters, Jenny and Fanny, were changing in ways she couldn't understand. And poor little Wilkie was becoming more withdrawn every day. At least Maggie still paid attention to her; she was still the sister Duck loved the best.

    "Nothing could have prepared the Scott family for the dangers they were about to meet as they crossed the desert, the plains, and the mountains, and felt the heat, the hunger, the thirst that wouldn't go away. Suddenly Duck and her sisters knew their mission -- to find water and save their family, no matter what risks they had to take!" -- Quoted from the cover of the Minstrel® edition.

    West Along the Wagon Road, 1852 (1998) Ministrel® Pocket Books. ISBN: 0671015516; (2000) paperback ISBN: 067177557X. American Sisters Series. 182 pg. Historical Fiction.

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