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    Wind on the River: A Story of the Civil War

    Wind on the River reveals the coming-of-age experience of 15-year-old Private John Griffith Allen, a Confederate soldier from South Carolina. Private Allen survives the Battle of Gettysburg in 1863 only to be captured by Yankee soldiers and sent as a prisoner of war to the notorious death trap called Point Lookout. After taking the oath of allegiance, switching sides and becoming a "Galvanized Yankee," Griffith is sent to remote Fort Rice on the upper Missouri River in Dakota Territory. There he struggles to discover who he is while surviving the rigors of a hostile new environment and a terrifying Indian war. His encounter with two half - sisters living at Fort Rice challenges his prejudices and forces him to completely reconsider what it means to be a hero. (Jamestown's American Portrait Series)

    Wind on the River: A Story of the Civil War. Illustrated by John Winch. (2002) Holiday House. ISBN: 0823416089. 32 pg. Picture Book/Historical Fiction.

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