Laurie Lawlor: Curriculum Connections

    Curriculum Connections:
    Crossing the Colorado Rockies, 1864

      As the Civil War rages, 13-year-old Edna Hitchcock and her family head west to Pike's Peak, leaving behind their home in Pennsylvania. As they cross the Rockies and deal with the harsh elements, hard times and difficult people along the way, Edna keeps a journal of all that happens.

    • Read an excerpt from the book.

    • Read about the "birth of Georgetown, Colorado" in 1864 in the Colorado Rockies to get a sense of the setting and times.

    • Kit Carson was living during this period of time. Reading about his life and his move to Colorado -- (Kit Carson (DesertUSA)) -- will provide readers a sense of what was going on in the world, during the period preceeding this story which takes place in 1864.

    • Read other books about the Colorado Rockies. A list which includes many alternatives - -travel books and historical.

    Crossing the Colorado Rockies, 1864. (1999) Ministrel® Pocket Books. ISBN: 0671015540; (2001) Pocket Books. ISBN 0671775723. American Sisters Series. 240 pg. Historical Fiction.

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