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    Curriculum Connections: Daniel Boone

    Those who are interested in a person's life and contribution to history will find details and even contradictions by reading a variety of sources about that person's life. As young readers read multiple sources about Boone and his exploits many details will reveal themselves. In addition young learners will gain a respect for the enormous task it is for a biographer to verify information and to select what information to share with readers to create a readable text.

    There's much to be discovered about Daniel Boone, and Lawlor does not shy from presenting the facts as she found them in historical documents. The hardships endured by his family is almost unfathomable. His wife Rebecca seemed, with the exception of one indiscretion, to have been the loyal follower. And for the most part Rebecca stayed by his side even when threatened by groups (Native American tribes and British soldiers for example) who did not want the Boone's and their entourage settling the land which later became the state of Kentucky.

  • As the book is read or after finish reading study the time line, appeneded in the back of the book, of Daniel Boone's life. He was born November 2, 1734 in the Pennsylvania frontier, near Exeter. He died in 1820. Create a map showing the travels Boone made during his lifetime. The map should start in Pennsylvania and end in Missouri. Color code the chart to help those using the map to know the time period when Boone would have been in the region indicated.
  • Visit the site of Daniel Boone's birth in Berks County, Pennsylvania. What is your reaction to the site as it stands now? Do you think the places Daniel Boone lived later in his life, with Rebecca, were as spacious? The mid-18th century structure that survives today is built over the spring and cellar where the first Boone log cabin stood and where young Daniel Boone lived before his family moved to North Carolina. Read more about the homestead.

  • For more links about Daniel Boone, click here. How does this information compare with what you learned by reading Daniel Boone by Laurie Lawlor? Do you have any questions that are unanswered?

  • Lucid Interactive's website has some information and links related to Daniel Boone. Click here to access "Daniel Boone: American Pioneer and Trail Blazer."

    • Daniel Boone. Illustrated by Bert Dodson. (1989) Albert Whitman & Company. ISBN: 0807514624. 160 pg. Biography.

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