Laurie Lawlor:  Curriculum Connections

    Curriculum Connections:
    Down the Rio Grande, 1829

    Becoming familiar with other information about the Rio Grande in and around 1829 will help readers understand and picture events that take place in Laurie Lawlor's Down the Rio Grande, 1829.

  • Visit a site created by the "Institute of Nautical Archaeology at Texas A&M University." The pages Steamboats on the Rio Grande" View pictures of steamboats on the Rio Grande during the era and read short paragraphs about the transportation system on the river.

  • Another article, Handbook of Texas Online: Navigation on the Rio Grande tells of the early steamboats on the Rio Grande and discusses Henry Austin's and Alpheus Rackliffe's role in establishing transportation downriver from Guerrero.

  • View Stephen Austin's map of the lower Rio Grande, from 1829. The image on this page is a cropped image, click on it to see the full-sized image. It will take a while to download so be patient. Land Grant maps drawn by Stephen F. Austin in 1829, 1833, and 1836 show that the Nueces River and not the Rio Grande. This led to differences between Texas (and the United States) and Mexico. This page, mounted by a student, Juan Villegas, at San Diego University discusses the beginning of the War with Mexico.

  • Read about Padre José Nicholás Ballí (1770-1729) who lived and worked in the Rio Grande area. The information is on the Texas State Historical Society's website.

  • The longest river in Mexico is the Rio Grande (called the Río Bravo in Mexico), which forms the natural boundary between Texas and Mexico for about 2092 km (about 1300 mi). Locate the river on a map and find the town of Guerrero. Mark it on the map.?

  • Arranged Marriages

  • Rosita's father was attempting to arrange a marriage for her. Arranged marriages are part of many cultures throughout the world. Read about the reasons for those marriages:

  • After reading these various accounts of arranged marriages discuss Rosita's plight. Why do you think she was not interested in marrying a man of her fahter's choice? Why would her father have thought she would be interested in the man he had selected? What motivated her dad to offer Rosita in marriage?

    Down the Rio Grande, 1829. (2000) Minstrel® Pocket Books ISBN: 0671039229; (2001) paperback ISBN: 0743436229. American Sisters Series. 182 pg. Historical Fiction.

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