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We have developed some extension suggestions for many of Laurie Lawlor's books. If a title is not hot-linked to a curriculum connections page it means no page is available. However, if a title is of particular interest please contact us or if you have suggestions to be added to the pages that are available, please contact us.

Curriculum Connections are not intended to be "lesson plans" per se. Rather the connections are intended as resource ideas for the development of specific activities and units that will help you meet your own district's and school's curriculum goals and objectives, and to help you construct meaningful units of study to meet state and national standards. There are many possibilities for using the connections we present here. Research might be conducted to answer a specific question arising from reading the particular title. Plays might be written and produced by students. Discussions might be held focusing on a specific paragraph or passage in a book. The links will hopefully provide background for this research or for discussions. Using these links to provide information and background to lead to a more meaningful experience with the book or books.